About ETMS Highways

ETMS Highways

Established in 2012, ETMS is a market leading traffic management provider delivering solutions for local authorities, highways, rail, utilities and events.

We deliver professional highway services across the UK road network based on our core values of safety, reliability and integrity to create safe environments for the public and our employees.

With the use of the latest technologies and innovations we are investing in the future of our organisation and the communities and businesses we serve.

Social Value within your community

As part of our commitment to the local communities in which we work we create opportunities and provide solutions that directly impact and support individuals, local businesses and suppliers alike.

We provide employment opportunities and training courses which means those individuals who join our team have a vested interest in the local area, developing a true partnership approach to how we operate. Employing a local team means our operation is not only sustainable but provides financial and social benefit to that community.

We regularly engage in initiatives to support community events and projects including litter-picking for Remembrance Services and raising money local charities.

We take pride in supporting the communities in which we work and strive to build our business based on a collaborative approach that is mutually beneficial.

Innovation – investing in the Future

At ETMS we understand the importance of tracking the latest technologies and innovations within the industry and incorporating these best practice methods into our day-to-day activities. We have invested in the platform MyMobileWorkers which allows us to provide safe, compliant, transparent and quality controlled working environments all at the touch of a button.

By switching from paper-based to digital we can plan with precision in advance and track compliance throughout the job and increase our business efficiency.

All our staff are equipped with video cameras as part of their PPE equipment for their safety and the general public.

ETMS is Going Green

As part of our 5-year strategy and commitment to a Net Zero operation we continue to improve our Fleet of vehicles and equipment, ensuring we always use the most economical and environmentally friendly solutions on the market. We update our fleet of vehicles every two years to optimise fuel consumption and lower emissions and are actively moving towards Electric Vehicles and battery-operated equipment.